Grass chopper machine sold to the United Arab Emirates

The grass chopper machine is a device that can process straw and forage into silk segments. Generally, the processed materials are used to feed cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, and other livestock. We can mix various grains with the processed materials into the feed pellet machine to make feed pellets. In addition to this, we also have hammer mills that can process all kinds of grains into powder. We manufacture various types of forage processing equipment. The machine can be matched and customized according to the customer’s needs.

Detailed information on the grass chopper machine order

The client is from the United Arab Emirates. He feeds many goats. So he wants to buy a machine to make feed. So customers contacted us by browsing our website. Later our sales manager communicated with customers via WhatsApp. By communicating that the customer needs to process dry corn stalks and make them into feed pellets. Therefore, we recommended the chaff cutter machine, pellet making machine, and hammer mill to our customers. After the customer’s confirmation, we provide the customer with a quotation. After all the machines are confirmed to be correct, the customer decides to place an order.

What are the concerns of customers about the machines?

1. Are Both blades of the chaff cutter machine working together?


2. What is the lifetime of the grass cutting machine’s blades?

at least 3-5 years.

3. Is the length of the product adjustable for the pellet-making machine?

yes, it can adjust.

4. Can I put the finished material directly in the feed pellet-making machine?

Yes, sure.

Specification of the grass chopper machine

MachineChaff cutter
Size    2100 * 700 * 1100mm
Weight 230 kg
Output6T / H
Power7.5 kW
MachinePellet making machine
Capacity    1200-1500kg/h
Power 30KW
Mould Plate Diameter400mm
Weight 685kg
Capaicty       300-400kg/h
QTY of hammer24 pcs
Size 1300* 750* 1800 mm

How does the straw chaff cutter work?

Hammer mill’s working video

Why do customers choose our grass-cutting machine?

  1. We have professional knowledge about machines. No matter what questions customers have, we will answer them promptly and accurately.
  2. The machines we produce are of good quality and high professionalism. Every part of the machine is manufactured to international standards. And the machine has a long service life.
  3. We will provide customers with the required product information in time, such as machine pictures, videos, internal structure, etc. Let customers truly feel that the machines we provide are reliable.
straw chaff cutter
straw chaff cutter

Application scope of the fodder chopper machine

This fodder chopper machine can mainly process green grass, sorghum stalk, sugarcane leaves, corn stalk, bean straw, peanut seedlings, etc. The processed materials are mainly the pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, chickens, ducks, geese, other poultry, and livestock feed.

various materials
various materials

What machines can work with the grass chaff cutter?

Hammer mill, mixer, feeder, feed pellet making machine, etc.

Advantages of the grass chopper machine

  1. The machine mainly includes a feeding hopper, frame, casing, rotor, and other components. Therefore, the grass chopper machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient operation, and high production efficiency.
  2. This series of products has changed the simple blade cutting principle of the previous guillotine machine, and used the physical action of the guillotine, kneading, rubbing, etc. to turn the material into a uniform length, soft and fine flakes. At the same time, the chaff cutter also adds a feeding device, which effectively prevents the phenomenon of blocking and uneven feeding.