Automatic rice mill plant sold to Kenya

Automatic rice mill plant is professional machinery and equipment that polishes brown rice into white rice. With the increasing demand for rice, polished, polished rice is one of the staple foods that people often eat in their daily lives. Our rice polishing machines are available in many different models. There are small rice milling machines and large rice polishing units.

Among them, the rice polishing units with higher output are available in different combinations of configurations. They have different output and supporting machines. Customers can choose the rice milling machine model according to their needs.

Details of the automatic rice mill plant order

Our customer is from Kenya. He came across our rice milling machine website through a search. Then he sent us an inquiry for a rice milling machine. Our sales manager contacted the customer immediately. Through communication, we learned that the customer wanted to start a small rice milling plant. At first, we introduced a 25-ton-per-day rice milling machine to the customer. The customer said he wanted a smaller capacity machine. So we recommended a 15-ton per day rice milling machine. The customer expressed satisfaction.

We then gave a detailed introduction of the machine’s working video, parameters, and structure to the customer. The customer also said no problem. Then we discussed the cube of the machine and the transportation problem. The customer finally decided to buy a 15-ton rice milling machine.

Specification of the rice grinding machine

Model    NNJ/AG-25
Milled rice rate71%
rice grinding machine’s parameter

Working principle of rice miller

The brown rice enters the grinding chamber from the feed hopper through the regulating mechanism. Then, the spiral head delivers the brown rice to the sand roller and spirals it along the surface of the sand roller. The sand roller rotates at a certain linear speed and rubs the brown rice skin layer. And it makes the rice grain and rice grain, rice grain, and rice sieve rub and collide with each other, so as to open the brown and white. At the same time, through the action of air spray, the bran powder is forced out of the rice grains and discharged from the sieve.

rice miller
rice miller

Workflow of the automatic rice mill plant

  1. First, the paddy is put into the feed hopper of the elevator.  
  2. Then, the paddy enters the destoner, and the de-stoner removes the stones from the paddy.  
  3. Next, it enters the rice husking machine to remove the husk of the paddy.
  4. Then it goes to the gravity paddy seperator, and the rice still with the husk is sent to the husking machine again. The rest of the brown rice goes to the rice milling machine.
  5. The rice processed by the rice mill goes to the grading sieve for broken rice, which separates the intact rice from the broken rice.
combined rice milling unit
combined rice milling unit

What are the advantages of the combined rice milling unit?

1. The automatic rice milling plant is automatic and continuous from paddy cleaning, de-stoning, dehulling, grain and brown separation, milling, white rice grading, and other processing processes.

2. The automatic rice mill plant has a beautiful shape, compact structure, small floor space, and nowhere to hide the rice. And it has the characteristics of high rice yield, less broken rice, and low power consumption.

3. The standard finished rice can be obtained in one process when the rice is put into the machine.

4. The treated rice is white and clean with high glossiness   

5. The automatic rice mill plant has a reasonable layout, easy operation, and no need to wander around to operate during processing.

rice mill equipment
rice mill equipment


What are the machines that can be equipped with the automatic rice mill plant?

The machines purchased by the customer include scavenger, de-stoner, huller, gravity rice separator, rice milling machine, and rice grader.
The rice polishing unit can also be combined with other related machines to form a more complete product line. Such as a rice polisher with water, a color sorter, and a packaging machine.

Packaging and delivery picture of combined rice milling plant