Hand walking tractor shipped to Congo

Our hand walking tractors can work with various agricultural implements. For example, seeder, plow, rotary tiller, harvester, etc. Also, our tractors are available in different horsepower sizes so that customers can choose according to their needs.

The customer purchase process of hand walking tractor

The customer sent us an inquiry by reading our website. Our sales manager, Cindy, immediately communicated with the customer about the hand walking tractor. Firstly, we sent pictures and videos of the machine to the customer. After seeing the message, the customer said he wanted a threshing machine with more than 15hp, 1 rotary tiller, and 1 double discourse plow. Cindy revised the PI and sent it to the customer. Later the customer made the payment through the Alibaba payment link we drafted.

What is included in the machine purchased by the customer?

In addition to the hand walking tractor, the customer also purchased a rotary tiller, double discours plow, and a corn planter. All these implements can work together with the walk-behind tractor.

What are the spare parts of the walking type tractor?

The spare parts are belts and brake cables.

What are customers more concerned about in the purchase process?

  1. the size of the horsepower of the walk-behind tractor. He wanted more than 15 horsepower and finally chose the 18 horsepower. We have 15,18,20 and 30-horsepower walk-behind tractors.
  2. The wearing parts of the walk-behind tractor.
  3. How to install the machine? We will send the customer a clear picture. And customers can easy to understand and install when they receive machines. And we also will provide guidance online anytime.
walking tractor
walking tractor

What are the reasons why customers choose our walk-behind tractors?

  1. We are a professional manufacturer of agricultural machinery and have exported agricultural machinery to many countries so far. And customers can easily.
  2. Our walk-behind tractors are durable and powerful enough to work with many different farm equipment. It is a good helper for farmers.
  3. Full service. We will provide our customers with comprehensive information about the machine. We will inform our customers after the machine is made after the wooden box is packed and when it is shipped.
  4. One-year after-sales service.
walk-behind tractor
walk-behind tractor