Small scale rice mill plant exported to Ghana

Yesterday, our Ghanaian customer bought a 15-ton small scale rice mill plant from us. And its output is 15 tons per day. We have several models of rice mills, each with a different capacity. For example, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30, 38, and 60 tons, etc. For a new rice milling project, we recommend starting with a small capacity.

What are the reasons customer wants to buy the small scale rice mill plant?

The customer wanted to start a new project of rice milling. And he knew exactly what machines he needed. In addition, he was more focused on reducing the rice breakage rate.

small scale rice mill plant
small scale rice mill plant

Purchase process of buying the raw rice mill plant

The whole process didn’t last very long. The customer first made it very clear what equipment he needed. Emily, our sales manager, sent the customer a picture and video of the 15-ton small scale rice mill plant. The customer was given answers to questions about reducing the rice breakage rate, sieving the parts of intact rice and broken rice, etc. After that, we sent the PI of the machine to the customer and he said he would pay by bank.

small scale rice mill plant
small scale rice mill plant

What points that customers care more about the rice processing plant?

1. How can we reduce the broken rate of rice?

Actually, the problem of the rice breaking rate is not related to the machine, but to the number of rice mills. Multiple rice polishers work together, and the pressure of each rice polisher is small. So it will not cause the rice to break. At the same time, it can also improve the efficiency of rice polishing. And the finished rice will be smoother and whiter.

2. Is there a rice screen included in the quotation?

Yes, the gravity paddy separator is followed by the rice screen.

3. Which part can transport the milled rice to the storage bin?



4. Why the account is held in Hong Kong whereas the business is domiciled in Henan?

It’s our company’s online account on Alibaba. It’s easy, safe, and quick to receive the money.

What is included in the rice milling unit purchased by the customer?

Paddy rice de-stoner, paddy rice husker, gravity paddy separator, rice mill, rice screen, 2elevator, rice storage bin, weighting

Why do customers choose our rice processing units?

  1. We have other customers for small scale rice mill plants in Ghana. Customers are very satisfied with our machines.
  2. Professional answer. We are able to provide professional answers and help our customers to solve their various problems.
  3. We provide installation service. We can arrange for engineers to install the machine if customers need it.
  4. Thorough service. We can help customers to select the machine, and provide information about the machine, payment issues, packaging, and transportation of the machine. We will provide timely information to our customers.
  5. One year after-sales service.
our factory
our factory