6 row mechanical rice transplanter sold to Chad

Now we have four-row and six-row mechanical rice transplanters produced by Taizy. A customer from Chad bought two six-row riding type transplanters from us. The six-row rice transplanter is more energy-saving and efficient. The user only needs to drive the machine in the field to complete the transplanting work.

The reason why the customer bought the mechanical rice transplanter

The customer has a company that he runs. He would buy various goods to sell locally. Some time ago, he received a commission from a friend to help him buy mechanical rice transplanted.

mechanical rice transplanter
mechanical rice transplanter

Process of buying the riding type transplanter

The customer first sent us an inquiry for a rice wheat cutting and binding machine on Alibaba. Then our sales manager Winnie communicated the machine to the customer via WeChat. After understanding that the machine the customer really needed was a rice planting machine. Then Winnie provided the customer with pictures, parameters, and videos of the rice seeding machine.

After discussion, the customer said he needed a 6-row rice transplanter. At first, they needed 5 units, but later they said they only needed 2 units. Therefore, Winnie revised the PI and the customer decided to pay.

riding type transplanter
riding type transplanter

Payment and shipping of rice seeding machine

The customer had an agent in Guangzhou, China, and was paid in full in RMB. After we received the payment, we started to prepare the rice cultivation machine. After the rice transplanter is made, we inform the customer to check the machine. After that, we pack the machine in a wooden box and send it to Guangzhou.

Parameters of the six-row rice plantation machine

Diesel Engine Model175F hand start
Diesel Engine Output(kw/HP)3.72/5.5
Diesel Engine Rotating Speed(r/min)2600
Number of Transplanting Row6
Row to Row Distance(mm)300mm
Hill to Hill Distance(mm)120/140mm
Transplanting Efficiency0.35-0.5acres/H
Net Weight300kg
rice plantation machine’s parameter

What are the services we provide?

  1. Service to help customers to answer their doubts at any time. We will answer any questions of our customers with our professional knowledge of the mechanical rice transplanter.
  2. Thorough service. We will provide pictures, videos, technical parameters, etc. of the machine. A variety of payment methods can be chosen. Wooden box packing, and reliable sea transportation.
  3. One year after-sales service. We will help customers to solve all kinds of problems caused by the quality of the machine. Customers can also contact us at any time.
Rice planting machine
Rice planting machine