Plug planting machine shipped to Saudi Arabia

Good news! Last week our customer in Saudi Arabia purchased a KMR-78 plug planting machine from us. This model is a semi-automatic nursery seeding machine. It needs to be mulched manually and the machine only has the function of punching holes and placing seeds. We also produce fully automatic nursery seedling machines.

What machines do customers buy?

The work of seed sucking and seed releasing of the seedling machine requires an air compressor. Therefore, the customer purchased both the plug planting machine and the air compressor. In addition, they also purchased seedling trays.

How the customer purchased the plug planting machine

The customer sent us a message via WhatsApp. Our sales manager Winnie first sent the customer pictures, parameters, and videos of the machine. Then the customer was asked what kind of plants he was growing. After that, we provided a quotation for the machine according to the customer’s needs.

After that, the customer also needed seedling trays. We updated the PI of the machine according to the customer’s specific needs. Finally, we confirmed the voltage, Hz, and phase power of the machine with the customer. Finally, the customer placed an order for our nursery seeding machine.

Parameters of the KMR-78 seedling tray machine

Principleair compressor
Size for seed0.3-12mm
Air compressor0.6CBM
Air compressor power4HP
KMR-78 seedling tray machine’s parameter

What are the customer’s concerns about the seedling machine for nursery?

  1. What kind of seeds can be sown in the seedling machine?

All kinds of seeds, sizes from 0.3 to 12mm.

  1. What is the quality of the plug planting machine?

The spare parts we used for our machine are Panasonic brand in Japan. So you can rest assured about the quality of our machines.

  1. Can one machine sow different sizes of seedling trays?

If you need the machine to use different size trays, need to change the spare parts.

semi-automatic seed raising machine
semi-automatic seed raising machine

What are the reasons why customers buy our nursery seed sowing machine?

  1. We provide comprehensive information about our plug planting machines. We will provide the machine parameters, pictures, and videos to our customers so that they can have an in-depth understanding of the machine.
  2. thorough service. We will help our customers to answer all kinds of questions. We offer advice on purchasing, packaging, and shipping.
  3. Customized machine. We will customize the machine according to the customer’s voltage and phase power conditions.
  4. one year after-sales service.
nursery seed machine
nursery seed machine