Multifunctional thresher machine sold to USA

The multifunctional thresher machine is equipment that can process corn, millet, bean, and sorghum. These grains are an important daily food crop for people to eat. It is also widely grown all over the world. Basically, every family grows corn. Therefore, harvesting corn and threshing corn after it is ripe becomes the main work of farmers. The traditional manual threshing of corn takes a lot of time and labor. Therefore, the use of corn threshing machines has become the primary choice for people.

In addition to the corn threshing machine, we also have a small corn harvesting machine, corn grits making machine, and corn flour milling machine. Customers can choose the corresponding machine according to their needs.

Multifunctional thresher machine for sale

Our customer is from the USA. He was browsing our website and wanted to buy a small corn thresher. Our sales manager immediately sent an email to the customer. The customer said that he was buying the machine for his own use, so a small size corn thresher would be fine. The sales manager immediately recommended our multifunctional corn thresher to the customer. We have two models of this machine and they have different outputs. The customer chose the model with the lower output. We then determined the destination. After the customer placed the order we started preparing the machine for production and then transported it to the nearest port.

Detailed information on the corn sheller machine

Capacity1.5-2T/H 3t /h
Threshing Rate98%98%
Powergasoline engine10-12HP diesel engine
corn threshing machine’s parameter

How does the soybean thresher machine work?

Functional range of the multifunctional thresher machine

Our threshing machine can handle millet, sorghum, and soybeans in addition to corn. It is a multifunctional threshing machine. It is a multi-purpose machine. Customers need to change different screens to handle different crops when using the machine. The machine has four different sieves, and customers change the sieves in time according to their needs.

Highlights of the sorghum thresher machine

  1. With high working efficiency, the output can reach 1.5-3 tons per hour. It can meet the use of families and small grain mills.
  2. The corn sheller machine has a high rate of threshing, which can reach 98%.
  3. The structure of the multifunctional threshing machine is simple, easy to operate, sturdy, and durable. Users can quickly get started and the machine can be used for a long time.
  4. The soybean thresher machine can be equipped with an electric motor, diesel engine, and gasoline engine, which can meet different customers’ needs for power.

Why do customers choose our corn thresher machine?

  1. Solve any problems of customers in time. As long as customers have questions, we will answer them in time and provide professional answers.
  2. Real-time updates about the process of the machine, so that customers can rest assured. For example, the manufacturing process of the machine, the shipping information of the machine, etc.
  3. Let customers feel our machines in real life. Provide customers with videos and pictures of the machine’s work.
  4. Thoughtful after-sales service. We will solve the problems encountered by customers in the process of using the machine. Generally we will help customers through video. If necessary, we will also arrange for engineers to go to the customer to solve the problems encountered.