Shipping peanut picker for sale to Nigeria

A customer from Nigeria bought a peanut picker for sale from us. We have two kinds of peanut pickers, small and large peanut picking machines. There is a big difference in their output, so customers can choose the right model of groundnut picker machine according to their needs.

Parameters of the peanut picker for sale purchased by the customer

Power22kw motor,28 HP diesel engine, or ≥35 HP tractor
Rotation speed of the roller550r/min
Loss rate≤1%
Broken rate≤3%
Impurity rate≤2%
Inlet dimension1100*700mm
The height from inlet to ground1050mm
The model of separation and cleaningVibrating screen and draught fan
The dimension of the screen3340*640mm
Dimension of machine6550*2000*1800mm
The diameter of the roller600mm
The length of the roller1800mm
peanut picker for sale’s parameter
peanut picker for sale

Communication process of the customer buying the groundnut picker

Nigerian customers send us a message directly that they need a large output peanut picker for sale. Our salesman sends the customer pictures and videos of the peanut picking machine. The customer indicated that he needed a video of the working details of the machine and the effect of picking fruits. After we sent it to the customer, the customer said he needed to discuss it with his partner. After a few days, we sent the parameters of the machine to the customer, the customer said that he had already considered buying a multifunctional peanut picking machine.

groundnut picker

Payment and shipping of the peanut harvester

The customer had a freight forwarder in China, so his freight forwarder transferred the payment to us for the customer. We arranged for the production of the peanut picker for sale as soon as we received it. As the customer asked for a test run, we played a video for the customer during the test run. After that, the customer is satisfied. So we made wooden box packing and then transported the dry wet peanut picker to the freight forwarder.

peanut harvester
peanut harvester

Why do customers like to buy peanut picking machines from us?

  1. Our peanut picker for sale has been exported to many countries overseas. And received many customers’ welcomes.
  2. Affordable price. We are a manufacturer, and the price of the machine is directly proportional to the quality of the machine.
  3. High quality of the machine. We have strict control over the manufacture of the machine and hope that the quality of the machine is getting higher and higher.
peanut picking machines
peanut picking machines