Peanut thresher sold to the USA

A customer from the USA purchased a 5HZ-1800 peanut thresher from us. This is the peanut shelling machine for large scale processing. It can process 1100 kg of peanuts per hour. In addition to this large peanut combine harvester, we also have a small capacity peanut thresher suitable for home use. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Parameters of the peanut thresher

Power30HP diesel engine / PTO / electric motor
Rotation speed of roller550r/min
Loss rate≤1%
Broken rate≤3%
Impurity rate≤2%
Inlet dimension1100*700mm
The height from the inlet to ground1050mm
The model of separation and cleaningVibrating screen and draught fan
The dimension of the screen3340*640mm
Dimension of machine6550*2000*1800mm
The diameter of roller600mm
The length of roller1800mm
peanut thresher’s information

Presentation to a customer in the USA

The customer grows a large area of peanuts himself. He had never bought a groundnut picking machine from China before. He wanted to use the groundnut harvester to save time and effort and improve efficiency. The customer sent the inquiry through our website. We will deliver the peanut thresher to the port of Charleston, SC.

peanut harvesting machine
peanut harvesting machine

What problems have we solved for our customers regarding peanut harvesting machines?

  1. Payment problems. We will draft an Alibaba payment link directly. Customers can pay directly, safe and reliable.
  2. Transportation problem of the machine. Because the customer is the first time import, need to find a freight forwarder to help transport the peanut-picking machine. We recommended several freight forwarders to the customer.

Packing and transportation of the peanut shelling machine

We will fix the machine with an iron frame on the periphery and then pack it in wooden boxes for transportation.

packing and shipping of the peanut thresher
packing and shipping of the peanut thresher