Automatic peanut sheller and cleaner sold to Ghana

Good news! A customer from the United States has purchased an automatic peanut sheller and cleaner from us. Our high-quality industrial peanut processing machine has received positive feedback from many satisfied customers. Feel free to inquire about our agricultural equipment at any time!

Customer Profile

The customer is a foreign intermediary trader based in the United States, specializing in sourcing and selling agricultural machinery globally. They have previously purchased a 6BHX-1500 peanut sheller and cleaner from our company and were highly satisfied with our products and services.

This time, the customer has chosen to purchase machines from us again, including two peanut shelling machines, as well as a 9FQ, a rice mill, a seeder, a hand tractor, a peanut fruit picker, a corn sheller, and a peanut harvester, among other equipment.

Reasons the customer purchase our automatic peanut sheller and cleaner

  1. Prompt customer response: Our company values efficient communication and customer service. Our sales team promptly responded to the customer’s inquiries and requirements, providing detailed product information, technical specifications, and quotations, and maintaining timely communication with the customer.
  2. Excellent after-sales service: When the customer encountered issues with the previously purchased peanut sheller and cleaner, our sales manager provided timely technical support and helped resolve the problem. The customer was impressed with our after-sales service and trusted us, thus deciding to purchase other agricultural machinery from us again.
  3. High-quality automatic peanut sheller and cleaner equipment: The customer had a good experience with the previously purchased peanut sheller and cleaner, and we gained their trust.

If you also need high-quality and efficient agricultural machinery, along with excellent after-sales service and timely technical support, please contact our company!

Parameters of 6BHX-3500 automatic peanut sheller and cleaner

Shelling rate%>=99
Breakage rate%<=5
Loss rate<=0.5
Working humidity%6.3<=12
Motor Power2Level 4kw/6level 5.5kw
Weight (kg)1000
Machine size2500*1200*2450