Two wheel walking tractor sent to Philippines

Good news! Yesterday the customer bought the two wheel walking tractor from us. The customer paid the deposit first, beside the walk-behind tractor also included a rice thresher, rice miller, and disc plow. We recommended the most suitable equipment according to the customer’s needs.

Why does the customer need a two wheel walking tractor?

The customer is a middleman in the Philippines. He often imports equipment and sells it locally. Recently, the customer is short of a walking tractor, rice thresher, rice milling machine, and disk plow, so he sent us an inquiry.

List of walking behind tractor equipment

Rice Thresher Machine
with tyres and handles
Model :5TW-50B
Power:10HP diesel engine
Size:15013686 cm
Packing Volume:1CBM
Rice milling machine
Model: SB-05D
Power:10Hp diesel engine
Net weight:130kg
Gross weight:160kg
Overall size:8606921290mm
18HP walking tractor
Engine model:ZS1100
Engine Type:Single, horizontal, water cooled, four stroke
Starting method:electric start
Double disc plough
walking behind tractor equipment’s parameter

Why did the customer choose our two wheel walking tractor?

  1. High quality and reliability: our two wheel walking tractor has been exported to many other countries. Due to the high quality and stable operation of the equipment, it gets praise from many customers.
  2. All-round service: Providing the best service to our customers is our most basic and important work. Whether it is equipment selection, installation, or after-sales support, our team will work closely with our customers to ensure that they get a satisfactory solution.
  3. Customized options: We understand that every customer’s needs are unique, so we offer customized options to meet the specific requirements of different customers.
  4. Competitive pricing: We are committed to providing cost-effective products. Our equipment is offered at a reasonable price that meets the needs of our customers while providing good performance and quality.