Hay pick up baler machine丨tractor with baler

Hay pick up baler machine is a kind of straw picking and harvesting equipment, which can automatically complete the picking, baling, and releasing of pasture, rice, wheat, and kneaded corn stalks, widely used for collecting and baling of dry and green pasture, rice, wheat, and corn stalks. The straw picking and baling machine have the features of compact structure, convenient operation, and high reliability.

The formed bale is small and compact, and the bale is loose inside and tight outside, with good air permeability, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

Introduction to hay pick up baler machine

Now we produce straw picking and baling machine which can handle round and square finished products. The round straw picking and baling machine can bale with sisal rope or net, while the square one can only bale with rope. Both models work with a tractor through a PTO. About the harvesting width of the machine. The harvesting width of square one is 2.2 meters and the round one is 1.8 meters.

The promotion and use of this machine have played a great role in promoting the solution of straw recycling, and improving the environmental pollution caused by burning straw in the countryside. And improving the quality of straw and grass utilization. Since its launch, the machine has been loved by most farmers. And is a good helper for our farmers to get rich. What’s more, we also have the silage pick-up baler with a crushing function.

Application scope of the tractor with a baler

The tractor with a baler can process wheat straw, rice straw, pasture grass, peanut seedlings, corn straw, rice, wheat, rape straw, soybean, etc.

Structure of the round pickup baler

The machine is mainly composed of the picker, haying drum, sprocket transmission mechanism, rope box, rope guide rod and warning device, hydraulic control mechanism, and other components. When baling, it can automatically lead the rope, automatically pick up the straw, automatically bale, and automatically cut the rope. And can change the rope circle and bale density when baling by adjusting the size of the slot wheel, so that the bale will not be scattered and messy.

square stalk baling machine's structure
square stalk baling machine’s structure

Parameters of the hay pick up baler machine

Power of tractorMore than 40hp
Overall Dimension1.63*1.37*1.43m
Baler SizeΦ800*1000mm
Baler weight40-50kg
hay pick up baler machine’s parameter

Advantages of the high capacity small square baler

  1. Small footprint, lightweight, simple operation, high efficiency.
  2. High working efficiency, one hour can collect straw more than 5 acres, about 800 kg straw crop.
  3. The straw bale has a compact structure, high density, and good air permeability.
  4. The straw after baling reduces the footprint of the straw and greatly reduces the storage footprint.
  5. The bales of straw are easy to transport and also reduce the possibility of fire.

Working principle of stalk pick up baler machine

The power output shaft of the tractor is fed to the input shaft of the baler through the universal drive shaft, which drives the reeling roller mechanism. And the straw picking mechanism through the sprocket and chain respectively. The hydraulic output interface of the tractor is used to control the piston expansion and contraction of the cylinder to realize the bale releasing operation.

Technical points of straw picking and baling machine operation

  1. The driver should master the driving operation technology. During operation, the driver should drive in the center to prevent the bale from having a big head.
  2. Bale rope with external pumping structure, and fewer knots, high strength, to prevent broken rope or card rope.
  3. Send the rope when the throttle should be steady, keep the throttle in the middle speed to ensure the quality of sending the rope.
  4. When sending the rope to stop, move the hydraulic valve immediately, don’t pause, so that the straw bale will not be rubbed apart by the pressure roller. When releasing the bale, don’t slow down, that the bale can be released by rotating inertia.
hay pick up baler machine
hay pick up baler machine