Hydraulic hay baler丨hydraulic silage press baler

Hydraulic hay baler is the indispensable and preferred equipment for animal husbandry, cattle and sheep breeding, and forage distribution. A hydraulic baler is a kind of use of hydraulic principle to compress straw, straw, etc. into pieces. And, it is environmental protection equipment that facilitates straw saving, transportation, and utilization. Now it is widely used in the agricultural and livestock industry.

So, it plays a great role in the protection of the environment and resources. The machine adopts a hydraulic drive, with fast bale speed, high output, and simple operation. And, the final product is packaged and formed in a special packaging bag, so that its volume is greatly reduced. So as to reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise.

Introduction of the hydraulic hay baler

A hydraulic hay baler is a machine that can compress straw and forage into rectangular pieces. Now we have two types of hydraulic balers, one with two cylinders and one with three cylinders. In terms of power, the two-cylinder hydraulic baler can be powered by a diesel engine and electric motor, while the three-cylinder one can only be powered by the electric motor. The size of the finished product produced by both machines is 700*400*300mm rectangular silage bales. But the three-cylinder baling and wrapping machine works more efficiently.

When the machine is discharging we need to put the double bag PE+PP set at the outlet in advance. The packed forage can greatly reduce the storage footprint, improve the transportation capacity and reduce the possibility of fire. In addition, we have a machine, and the machine can pack various materials into round silage bales.

What are the materials that the silage press baler can process?

It can do alfalfa, pasture grass, wheat grass, peanut seedling, crop straw, peanut shell, cotton seed shell, corn cob, kneaded or crushed corn straw, peanut seedling compressed, and baled. And after baling, it can save storage space and extend the feeding time of green straw.

What’s more, after baling and sealing, it will ferment naturally and produce probiotics and beneficial bacteria. Natural fermentation will be carried out, and livestock such as cattle and sheep will easily absorb the material after feeding. So, the growth ratio will be increased by 2%. This greatly reduces the cost of feed transportation and storage and reduces the labor intensity of workers. Bring real economic benefits to the livestock industry.

Applicable industries: animal husbandry, paper industry, cattle and sheep breeding, forage distribution, straw power generation,etc.

application scope
application scope

Type 1: Structure of two-cylinder hydraulic hay baler

This model of machine mainly includes power, cooling device, oil storage, hydraulic cylinder, oil separator, fixed bracket, electric fire equipment, oil pipeline, etc.

Functions of the different part

1, Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system of this machine is mainly composed of an oil tank, control valve set, filtering device, and some accessories. An oil cylinder is used to store hydraulic oil.
2, Main pressure system: This system is composed of the main pressure cylinder and packet pusher.
3, Mainframe: The box frame is composed of a fixed box and a movable box. Fixed box to complete the filling and compression of materials. The movable part uses two clamping cylinders to realize the indentation on both sides. And the movable side box plate is mainly made of road-rail steel group welding, with good rigidity.

The working principle of the hydraulic press machine

  1. Firstly, prepare grass, straw, or other raw materials at the entrance of the machine by manual drop or conveyor belt.
  2. Then, the hay cutting machine or straw kneading machine crushes the added raw materials. And grinds them for processing and making.
  3. Next, we should place the straw bag at the exit to package the finished material after processing.
  4. Automatic control cabinet, one key to start processing and packaging, simple and convenient.
  5. The volume and size of the processed material are consistent, in line with the packaging standards. And convenient for transportation and storage.

The working video of the hydraulic silage baler

Parameters of the hydraulic baler machine

Power15kw motor or 28HP diesel engine
Displacement of oil cylinder63-80L/min
Normal-pressure of oil cylinder16Mpa
Bale size700*400*300mm
Bale Density300-400kg/h
Bundling efficiency1-2t/h
Speed of Bundling Piston4-8m/min

Advantages of the press baler machine

  1. The machine is easy to operate and convenient to use. And it is equipped with both semi-automatic and full-automatic operation modes (convertible). So, it is a high degree of automation and less labor.
  2. The machine can mainly process the corn cobs, rice straw, peanut seedlings, wheat straw, cotton seed shells, peanut shells, and other shredded materials. And the compression is convenient for storage and reduces transportation costs.
  3. Use a special packaging bag, so that its volume is greatly reduced. So as to achieve the purpose of reducing the volume of transportation, saving freight, and increasing the benefits for enterprises.
  4. It has good stiffness and stability. Beautiful and elegant shape. Easy to operate and maintain, safe and energy-saving.

Type 2: three cylinders hydraulic baler

This model machine has higher working efficiency than type 1. It can process 6-8t of material per hour. And the power of the machine can only be 22kw motor. And the machine belongs to the automatic type straw hydraulic baler. And the equipment through the stroke switch and four hydraulic cylinders work together to complete the whole straw shredder baling. So, the manual only needs to receive the bag, bagging, and tying.

Structure of hydraulic baler with three cylinders

Specification of the stalk press baling machine

Displacement of Oil Cylinder80L/min
Normal Pressure of Oil Cylinder18Mpa
Bale Size700*400*300mm
Bundling Efficiency6-8t/h
Bale Density800-1100kg/m3
Speed of Bundling Piston4-8m/min
stalk press baling machine’s parameter

Workflow of stalk press baler

  1. First, the main cylinder is pushed horizontally for compaction.
  2. Second, the side cylinder compacts longitudinally.
  3. Then, pushing head pushes the bale into the bag.

How does the corn silage baling machine work?

What are the features of the hydraulic hay baler?

  1. High efficiency of the machine, it can process 6-8t of straw, grass, etc. per hour.
  2. The material used to manufacture the machine is of high quality. So, it is durable and long service life.
  3. The machine has a wide range of use. And can handle many kinds of materials.

Optional pieces of equipment

These two models’ machines can work with a chaff cutter, conveyor belt, mixer, and crusher. Since the material to be handled needs to be crushed, we can match it with the chaff cutter to crush the material first. In order to let different kinds of materials can be fully mixed, we can also use the mixer to mix the materials. Then the fully mixed materials are fed into the inlet of the machine through the conveyor belt.

Optional equipment
Optional equipment