Fresh corn shelling machine丨Sweet corn threshing machine equipment

Fresh corn shelling machine is a device that can separate fresh corn kernels and corn cob. The treated corn kernels can be further processed or frozen to make quick-frozen foods.

The sweet corn thresher machine is easy to operate and has high work efficiency. And it can handle all kinds of fresh corn, sweet corn, waxy corn, and thawed corn.

How does the fresh maize thresher work?

Fresh corn shelling machine working

Introduction to the fresh corn shelling machine 

Our fresh corn shelling machines are 304 stainless steel and meet GMP and USDA standards. The machine can handle corn of all sizes and shapes.

There are two models of this machine, they are HYMZ-268 and HYMZ-368. The difference between the two machines is the presence or absence of a conveyor belt and the output. The machine with the conveyor belt has a larger output.

Regarding the power, the power of this fresh corn thresher is the motor.

In addition, the maize threshing machine has a fan, which will blow off the impurities on the corn kernels. So the final corn kernel finished product is clean and beautiful. Besides this machine, we also have a rice and wheat thresher, corn peeler and corn grits making machine, etc.

What are the uses of the sweet corn threshing machine?

This fresh corn shelling machine is suitable for food processing plants such as central kitchens, canned corn kernels, quick-freezing corn syrup, corn kernel factories, dry food processing, agricultural and sideline products processing, etc.

Fresh corn thresher.
Fresh corn thresher.Fresh corn thresher.

Structure of the fresh corn thresher

The fresh corn thresher mainly includes a frame, wheel, rubber roller, threshing device, corn kernel outlet, fan, corn cob outlet, electric control cabinet, etc. The sweet corn shelling machine has a small footprint, a beautiful appearance, and high work efficiency.

What’s more, the material of this fresh corn thresher is 304 stainless steel, and the corn kernels after threshing are more clean and hygienic and can be eaten with confidence.

fresh corn shelling machine's structure
fresh corn shelling machine’s structure

What are the functions and features of each part of the sweet corn sheller?

1. Rubber roller

Function: It can use its friction to send corn into the threshing device of the machine.

Features: Because the rubber material is relatively soft and flexible, it will not damage the skin of the corn kernels during the working process, so the corn kernels maintain a good shape.

2. Threshing device

Function: This part can cut the corn kernels from the corn cob.

Features: The blade of the device is adjustable, and we can adjust the blade according to the diameter of the corncob we handle. So it can handle corn of all sizes. In addition to this, the material and design of this blade are specially designed for reasonable cutting.

3. Corn cob outlet

Function: Send the corncob out of the machine.

Features: 4 gear guides can guide the corncob, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon that the corncob is stuck in the machine.

4. Fan

Function: It can effectively blow out the impurities on the corn kernels.

Technical parameter of the fresh maize threshing machine

ModelVoltageMotorProductionInput Conveyor SizeMachine SizeMachine weight
HYMZ-268220V 1 phase1HP+1/2HP+1/4HP400-500kg/h(seeds only)Without630*620*1250mm100KG
HYMZ-368220V 1 phase1HP+1/2HP+1/4HP600kg/h(seeds only)690*260*380mm1320*620*1250mm100KG
fresh maize threshing machine’s parameter

Electric automatic corn thresher’s working flow

1. First, turn on the fresh corn shelling machine after confirming that the machine is in normal use, place the ear of corn on the conveyor belt facing the machine, or directly put it on the rubber roller device.

2. Then the rubber roller sends the corn into the threshing device, and the blade threshes the corn.

3. Then corn kernels out from the outlet, and the blower removes impurities from the corn kernels.

4. At the same time the corncob is discharged from the other outlet. The machine does the job.

What are the advantages of the industrial corn thresher machine?

1. The material is safe, and the whole machine is made of stainless steel, clean and hygienic.

2. The fresh corn thresher has wheels, which are easy to move.

3. The frequency converter controls the speed and the operation is simple, suitable for all kinds of fresh, sweet, glutinous corn and frozen corn after threshing.

4. Strong adaptability. It is not only suitable for large-scale production in factories with assembly lines, but also for processing in family workshops.

5. The utilization rate of the machine is high. The fresh corn shelling machine can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the corn cobs, suitable for threshing corn of various sizes, with a high threshing rate. And the threshing depth of the machine is adjustable, and the peeling rate of sweet corn can reach 100%.

6. The tool has a long service life. The knives of this machine are made of special stainless steel materials, which do not require long-term sharpening and are more durable.

finished product
finished product


1. Is there a requirement for the diameter of the corncob?

There is no requirement, as the blades of the machine’s threshing unit can be adjusted according to the diameter of the corncob.

2. What is the difference between HYMZ-268 and HYMZ-368?

368 has one more conveyor belt, and the output is larger.

3. What is the material of the fresh corn shelling machine?

304 stainless steel material.

4. What is the power of the machine?


5. What is the shortest length of corn treated?