Pumpkin collecting machine丨watermelon harvest machine

Pumpkin collecting machine is equipment that can collect seed melons, pumpkins, gourds, etc. The machine can complete multiple operations such as breaking vines, collecting, and forming strips. And returning to the line at one time. The machine is suitable for efficiently collecting a large number of pumpkins, seed melons, gourds, etc. in the field. Also, this pumpkin collecting machine is sturdy and durable, easy to operate, has high work efficiency, and can save a lot of manpower.

Introduction of pumpkin collecting machine

The pumpkin collectors we produce work with tractors via PTO. The tractor drives the machine to work. And as the machine works, it rolls up the vines while lining up the fruit. So people can handle pumpkins more conveniently. The machine has a large output and a wide harvest range. So, it is ideal equipment for a large-scale collection of pumpkins, seed melons, etc. In addition, we also have a pumpkin seed extractor, which can quickly remove the seeds of pumpkins, seed melons, etc.

Structure of watermelon harvester

This watermelon harvester mainly has a frame, a collecting wheel, a vine-removing shaft, a supporting wheel, a gearbox, a transmission system, a hydraulic pipeline, and other components.

Parameters of seed melon harvester

The frame adopts a square tube combined frame; the whole gearbox distributes the power; the double-set bar wheel structure; The main technical parameters are as follows:

Working width(cm)Devine structureSet bar formSpiral diameter(cm)Working speed(Km/h)Power(kW)Weight(kg)
1200+1050Double rubber strip hammerDouble helix50≥5 22~44518
watermelon harvester’s parameter

Working principle of a pumpkin harvester

  1. Start the tractor, the tractor will distribute the power to each shaft system step by step and continuously. And the implementation will rotate accordingly.
  2. Under the action of the four-bar linkage and the hydraulic cylinder, the tool screw cylinder maintains a relative position with the ground;
  3. When the machine moves forward, a group of relatively rotating screw cylinders transports the seed melons to both sides of the machine;
  4. Under the action of the spiral cylinder and the vine removal shaft. The machine separates and cuts the vines and weed branches;
  5. The oil cylinder will lift the tractor when it turns around;
  6. Through two operation cycles, the seed melons conveyed to both sides are collected in rows;
  7. Under the action above, it completes the operations of removing vines, conveying, forming strips, and gathering seed melons.

What are the advantages of a pumpkin collector?

  1. We use high-quality steel to weld the pumpkin collector. So the machine has a reasonable structure, strong and durable.
  2. The unique spiral cylinder is easy to remove plants such as vines and weeds, and the work efficiency is high.
  3. Also, we use special dies to stamp the sheet metal parts. And we adopt the pressure-shaped and arc-shaped structure, which has the characteristics of sturdiness and dexterity.
  4. Using high-quality steel to make the shaft system. And process them integrally after assembly and welding, with high precision.
  5. Adopt high-quality bearings and standard parts to ensure the reliability of the whole machine.
  6. Parts and components of the same model and category are interchangeable and easy to replace.
  7. It adopts a flexible connection method with the power part, which has better adaptability to the ground.
  8. The special rear support wheel structure is easy to use and light to walk.

Precautions for use and operation of pumpkin collecting machine

  1. Speed ​​can significantly affect the quality of the seeds, please operate at a speed of 2 km/h to 5 km/h.
  2. If cleaning or maintaining the implements, the tractor must be turned off and the drive shaft completely stopped before proceeding.
  3. Always pay attention to the working conditions when the hydraulic lifting system of the tractor is lowered to the lowest point, otherwise, the implement may be suspended and the performance of the implement will be reduced;
  4. If the ground is uneven or too sticky, appropriately reduce the tire pressure of the tractor to improve the stability of the operation.
  5. If the surface is covered with a lot of debris or rhizomes, always pay attention to cleaning to prevent them from entangling.
  6. Regularly clean the entanglement of each shaft of the machine to prevent blockage, so as not to affect the use effect;
  7. Do not back up when the machine is dropped on the ground, which may cause damage to the machine.
  8. Once the vehicle is backed up, get off the vehicle immediately and check all parts of the pumpkin collecting machine.
  9. When turning, the implement must be suspended.
  10. During operation or transportation, in case of abnormal calls, throwing rocks, throwing soil, etc., stop immediately and find out the reasons.