About Shuliy

Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Co.,Ltd is one professional Agricultural Machinery Supplier. Our main products include planter machine, harvester machine, silage machines ,hammer mill ,rice mill ,nursery seeding machine ,etc.


Our Cases

We are a world-class researcher and manufacturer of industrial machinery products. We are good at boldly discovering and improving the core accessories of equipment to facilitate the use of customers from all over the world. We are also proficient in domestic and international shipping terms. Therefore, we have obtained stable partners all over the world.


Choose the right industrial corn sheller for your needs

 April 27,2023
An industrial corn sheller, also known as a corn sheller machine, automatic corn sheller, or maize thresher, is an essential…
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Notes on the use of groundnut shelling machine

 November 07,2022
In order to improve the efficiency of peanut shelling, more and more people use groundnut shelling machines to replace traditional…
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What are the advantages of the nursery tray machine?

 October 31,2022
Nowadays, nursery tray machines are one of the necessary equipment for many greenhouse farmers. In order to be able to…
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